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Kedar Prasad Prajapati, the head of Krishna House is one of the founders of Environmental Protection Forum, Bhaktapur. From the initiation of the Forum he has been active in protecting and preserving the environment.
Tree plantation in Bhaktapur
Kathmandu Valley is well known as an excellent living place from an environmental point of view. Nonetheless, over the last few decades, the environmental conditions of this Valley has reached an alarming  state. The environmental conditions have deteriorated due to haphazard operation of brick kilns from 1989, sand mining in contravention to landuse capabilities, excessive withdrawal of groundwater,  and over application of chemical pesticides on soils.  In addition, direct dumping of sewage into streams, over use of plastics, rapid deforestation have all contributed to direct deterioration of human health. In order to reduce such damage to human health due to environmental degradation, the Environmental Protection Forum was duly established on 2059 VS, Asoj 16 and has been working along the following objectives:
  • To enhance environmental awareness to maintain clean environment
  • To promote the wise use and conservation of natural resources
  • To organize programs in close coordination with related organizations and institutions
  • To conduct public participation programs on different aspects of environmental management
  • To increase environmental consciousness with the annual publication  of a “Clean Environment”
  • To organize tree planting and distribution of tree seedlings to promote greenery


  • The Brick Kilns have started substituting tradition more polluting temporary chimneys with less polluting fixed chimneys
  • The District Development Committee have started to incorporate the Environmental Protection Forum in their development planning
  • Being recognized with the “Environmental Protection Prize in 2066 VS {2009 AD}” awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • The All Party Mechanism of the District Development Committee has taken the decision to stop issuing new licenses for Brick Kilns in all 16 Village Development Committees of Bhaktapur district
  • Reducing the dust pollution from the chimneys of brick kilns
  • Registering the Forum with the Social Welfare Council
  • Recognized as the Best Organization by the Non-Governmental Organizational Council of Bhaktapur
  • Enhanced the greenery with tree planting and tree seedlings distribution programs
  • Supporting the income of farmers with less use of chemical pesticides



Biskaa Festival

(April 10 - 18, 2019)

'Biskaa Jatra' a major festival in Bhaktapur continues for nine days in April, the time of good weather, spectacular mountain views and flowers.

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Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square