When to stay at krishna house?

We are festive people and ours is the land of festivals. We find pleasure in sharing our festive celebrations with our guests. Bhaktapur a medieval town is well known for preserving its living culture. Festivals are enjoyed all year around. Popular major festivals such as ‘Bisyau Jatra’ in April goes on for 9 days, ‘Gai Jatra’ in August continues for 7 days, ‘Dashain’ in October lasts for 10 days and ‘Tihar’ in November is celebrated for 5 days. Heartily rejoiced, these festive occasions offer fun and opportunities of intermingling with the locals.
Krishna House is a place for all seasons. Low rates are offered from mid June to the end of August and from mid December to the end of January.

Dashain Festival: Most important festival of Nepal: Celebration of rise of good

(September 28 - 30, 2017)

Dashain is the most important of all the Hindu festivals. For two weeks, Nepalis celebrate it as the main religious and social festival. People rejoice by visiting relatives, family get together, lavish feasts and receiving gifts. Above all people in general go to shrines dedicated to Goddess of power, Durga to pay their respects.

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Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square