Subarneswor Hike

Hike to Subarneswor temple - 35 mins from Krishna House


About 35 mins walk southwest of Krishna House lies Subarneswor shrine on top of a hillock.The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the liberator. Regarded as the main Hindu God Lord Shiva ascertains that nothing is permanent, what comes has to go away.
The hike to this shrine offers views of beautiful landscape, glimpses of lifestyle in villages and opportunities of bird watching in Surya Binayak forest.For locals from Bhaktapur and surrounding villages Subarneswor is a regular destination for early morning walks.
The walk to Subarneswor and Suryabinayak forest lasts about 2 - 3 hours.

Biskaa Festival

(April 10 - 18, 2019)

'Biskaa Jatra' a major festival in Bhaktapur continues for nine days in April, the time of good weather, spectacular mountain views and flowers.

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Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square