Bhaktapur Special

Celebration of Biskaa festival at Pottery square in Bhaktapur

Ancient settlement of Bungamati


Bhaktapur Special - 6 nights / 7 days


"Were there nothing else in Nepal, save the Durbar Square of Bhatgaon (Bhaktapur), it would still be amply worth making a journey halfway around the globe to see."


- Powell The Last Home of Mystery, 1929, London


Discover Bhaktapur - it is there for you. Be greeted by warm and hospitable people who will welcome you and gladly show you their traditions and festivals year around. Let go of your self and explore the alleys to find age old cultural and architectural wonders. Your journey in Nepal is incomplete without an inclusive stay in Bhaktapur – the city of Gods and devotees.


Settled at an altitude of 1401m, covering an area of 4 sq miles, Bhaktapur, a quiet town splendid in its numerous temples and monuments of Malla era spellbinds one by its medieval charm.


May it be Nyatapola - five storied temple wonder or 55 windows palace with Golden gate , vibrant and comical Gaijatra or week long traditional Biskaa festival, pottery or wood carving industry, all contribute to make Bhaktapur worthy of being known as 'Nepal's Cultural Capital.”


In old days Bhaktapur was known to have more temples than residences, hence the term city of Gods and devotees. Hence, in the mornings one can observe dwellers visit local temples in reverence to the deities. One will also find locals engaged in farming and trades such as pottery, wood carving, masonry, weaving and bronze casting carried down from to one generation to another from very old times to present. Ancient culture and traditions play major part in their lives. Thus, a tour of Bhaktapur offers an insight into what can termed ‘the living museum.Here, the living heritage is carried down from one generation to the next.


The unrushed atmosphere of surrounding hills marked by ethnic villages and shrines of Surya Binayak, Changu Narayan provide ample opportunities for relaxed day walks. Nagarkot, a hill station towards the East is highly popular for sunrise and sunset views over the Himalayan peaks, hills and valleys.

Thimi, an ancient Newar town located 4 km West of Bhaktapur presents addition look into living cultural heritage. The town dating back to 300 AD is famous for traditional crafts, specially making of masks symbolizing various Hindu deities. Terracotta products too is a mainstay trade of Thimi. The locals celebrate festivals in big way; Palaquin festival in April is celebrated with much gusto. Deities placed in palaquins are paraded around the town and people rejoice by throwing vermilion powder in honor of deities. 


Both Bhaktapur and Thimi are note for agriculture; Bhaktapur for rice and Thimi for vegetables.


Day Program Duration Altitude
01. Arrive at Tribhuvan International airport / Receive the guests & transfer to Homestay / Lunch / Visit Taumadhi to observe the first day of Biskah festival : Parading of Bhairav chariot / Traditional feast  30 mins 1330m
02. Breakfast / Culture tour of Bungmati, Khokhana and Patan Durbar Square, return to Homestay / Lunch / Transfer to Nagarkot / Check into a hotel / Enjoy spectacular view of sunset over the hills of Kathmandu valley / Dinner    
03. Early wake up call / Observe magnificent view of sunrise over the Himalayas / Breakfast / Hike down to Changu Narayan shrine – a UNESCO World Heritage Site / Culture tour of Changu Narayan / Transfer to Homestay / Lunch / Free for the day / Dinner    
04. Breakfast / Visit Potters’ square to observe Biskah festival : Observe erection of 'lyasin pole' by local potters with traditional music in the background / Lunch / Observe continuation of Bisket festival and people engaged in cultural activities / Traditional feast / At night visit Thimi to observe Chanhasiya festival / Return to homestay to enjoy Nepali New Year’s Eve    
05. Nepali New Year’s day: Tea, coffee / Walk around Bhaktapur to watch to observe locals occupied in traditional rites and rituals / Brunch / Leisure / Afternoon and evening in proper Bhaktapur to observe pulling of Bhairav chariot and enjoying the peak of festival / Traditional Dinner    
06. Early wake up call & breakfast / Transfer to Thimi to observe ‘ Palaquin’ festival / Return to homestay / Lunch / Free for the rest of the day    
07. Tea, coffee / Walk up to Subarneswor shrine and Surya Binayak temple / Brunch / Transfer to hotel in Kathmandu or airport    
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