Medieval Towns

Bungmati = located about 20 km southwest of Krishna House - 40 mins drive

Pratham vihar in Bungmati

The Malla king of Patan founded the town in 16th century. The shrine of Red Machhindranath, the deity of rains is the highlight of Bungmati. The impressive shrine, built in shikhara style stands in a fitting courtyard in the town. Bungmati is famous for woodcarvings.

Khokhana = located about 20 km southwest of Krishna House - 40 mins drive

Established in the same period the town of Khokhana is located near by. Goddess of power, Sitala mai, protects the town and there is a pagoda styled temple built in her honor. Khokhana is famous for oil pressing.
Bungmati and Khokhana are present-day living museums; a walk through these age-old settlements will expose you to the way of life passed on for generations. Inhabited by indigenous newars most of the inhabitants are farmers.
Bungamati and Khokhana are located about 20 km South west from Bhaktapur.

Dashain Festival: Most important festival of Nepal: Celebration of rise of good

(September 28 - 30, 2017)

Dashain is the most important of all the Hindu festivals. For two weeks, Nepalis celebrate it as the main religious and social festival. People rejoice by visiting relatives, family get together, lavish feasts and receiving gifts. Above all people in general go to shrines dedicated to Goddess of power, Durga to pay their respects.

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Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square