Biskaa Festival

2 nights / 3 days

(April 9 - 17, 2020)


'Biskaa Jatra' is the major festival of Bhaktapur. It is the time of great weather, grand mountain views and flowering and other words - the time of rejoicing.


As the festival coincides with Nepalese new year it is regarded as the New year festival as well. Celebrated with high spirits locals and the visitors simply enjoy the festival.


Biskaa' festival is celebrated in the memory of slaying of mythical serpents that were the threat to the throne of Bhaktapur in medieval times. The festival is celebrated at Bhaktapur, a medieval town from 12th century, still maintained in the same manner and only 13km East of Kathmandu.


Since the Biskaa begins in the last days of the Nepalese year and ends in the beginning days of the New Year it is regarded as the New Year festival as well. During the seven days of the festival chariots of God Bhairava and Goddess Bhadrakali are pulled with lot of merriment within the town limits. At a place called Lyasinkhel a lyasin or a tall pole is erected with two long embroidered cloths hanging from it. These cloths represent two evil serpents that in the past had troubled the royal family by mysteriously killing every suitor to the princess at night. Ultimately a brave prince with the blessings of Goddess Bhadrakali came along and killed them when they appeared from the nostrils of the sleeping princess and began to enlarge themselves. Thus, to show the townspeople the cause of previous suitors’ death they were hung from the pole and at present the cloths represent them.


At Potter's square a similar pole symbolizing a deity is also erected by the potters with lot of music and joy.


Day Program
01. Receive & transfer from the airport or Kathmandu to homestay / Refresh / Lunch / Visit the World Heritage Site of Bhaktapur Durbar square / Go to Taumadhi (the site of Nyatapola - 5 storeyed temple ) and Lyasinkel area to observe Biskaa Jatra festival / Return to homestay / Celebrate Nepali New Year’s Eve with traditional dinner
02. Tea, coffee / Culture tour around heritage sites in Bhaktapur to observe people engaged in cultural activities / Brunch / Land transfer to World heritage site of Changu Narayan shrine for sight seeing culture tour / Land transfer to homestay/ Refresh / Observe Biskaa Jatra festival / Celebrate Nepali New year’s Day with traditional feast
03. Tea / coffee / Nature hike to Subarneswor shrine / Return to home stay / Brunch / Departure either to Kathmandu or airport
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